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therapy + courses for mindful mamas

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Welcome, mama! My name's Jerilee, and I help mothers & babies enjoy more calm & connection through holistic psychotherapy & attachment parenting education.

Whether you need some 1:1 support to get you through the overwhelm of early motherhood, or a nurturing space where you can press PAUSE on life and reconnect with yourself and your baby, I’m here for you.

you’ve got this mama! here’s how i can support you:

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1:1 coaching programs for mamas

Gentle & empowering therapy to help you & your baby live a more calm, confident & connected life.



prenatal coaching program

If you feel it, baby feels it. By supporting your emotional journey towards motherhood, this program will help give your baby the best start at life.


postnatal coaching program

I'll help you navigate your unique postnatal experience, and build a beautiful bond with your baby that can support lifelong emotional health.


mama-care coaching program

This highly personalised program will help you rebuild those crucial pillars of your wellbeing, from nutrition and lifestyle, to your relationship and self-care.

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retail therapy

therapeutic candles & natural gifts for your heart & your home

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Breathe, slow down, and come home to yourself...


I source & create indulgent, all-natural treats for your home, each one designed to bring more calm, positivity & mindfulness to you and your family.



coconut-wax candles | essential oil blends | palo santo smudge sticks

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