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Empowering you with the science, techniques & confidence to lead your own mother-baby classes.

My 4-day PAUSE practitioner training is for yoga teachers, early-years professionals or mindfulness practitioners who are passionate about the mental health of mothers and their little ones.

Combining neuroscience, therapy principles and mind-body practices, PAUSE mother-baby classes have been carefully crafted to provide a deeply nurturing and restorative experience for both mother & baby, helping them lay the foundations for life-long emotional health.

Having run and refined these classes over several years, I am now passing on all that I know to other like-minded practitioners, so that together we can make a bigger impact, and help raise happier, healthier humans.


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the techniques

breathing exercises
active listening
post-natal & baby yoga
baby massage
mindful movement
guided meditation
essential oils

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Attachment Theory
Child Brain Development

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the details

4-day Training | £425
In-person workshops in the UK. Get in touch for eligibility and next course dates. 

Monthly membership | £10 
Join the Pause Community and receive ongoing support, relevant therapeutic updates, referrals & marketing resources.


Through this practitioner training, you will learn:

  • The neuroscience behind child attachment and development

  • The links between early experiences and behaviours in adults 

  • The importance of mind mindedness 

  • Active listening and reflective skills 

  • How to encourage emotional awareness 

  • How to recognise signs of suffering in mothers 

  • Your own emotional triggers and how this impacts group work 

  • How to safely hold space for a mother baby group 

  • How to incorporate practices such as breathing exercises, meditation, yoga and essential oils into your class.