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a 40-day virtUal retreat for new & pregnant mamas

The Kind & Conscious Parenting Programme

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Becoming a mama starts in the womb - science now proves it.

You are the earth that your child blooms from. The more nourished your heart, mind and body are, the better chance your baby has at blossoming into a happy, healthy human.

This e-course is a 40-day holistic retreat for pregnant and new mums. We’ll take care of the WHOLE you, from your beliefs to your self-care, from your lifestyle to your relationship.

Through nurturing routines, empowering techniques, and healing reflections, this course will help you navigate motherhood with calm and confidence, and give your little one the best start at life.

This course was like a gentle awakening. I love how it offers such simple yet profound life tweaks - they’ve helped me rise above the busy-ness and overwhelm of motherhood, and get back in touch with myself, my family, and what really matters in life.
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The Modules

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Welcoming new life into the world is the perfect time to reflect on our own. We’ll create healthier mindsets & self-care rituals to prepare you for this new chapter.

focus 2: baby

If you feel it, baby feels it. You’ll learn exercises to help you slow down, diffuse stress, and create a more positive environment for your baby to bloom.

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FOCUS 3: baby brain

“The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.” Learn how to bond and communicate with your baby in a way that nurtures lifelong emotional health.

focus 4: mama brain

I’ll help you overcome expectations and #mumguilt, tune into your own intuitive wisdom, and mother from a place of calm & confidence.

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FOCUS 5: the couple

69% of couples experience a decline in happiness after baby. Learn how to protect and strengthen your relationship through the challenges of parenthood.

focus 6: the lifestyle

So many women are depleted for up to 10 years post birth. We’ll look at supercharging your diet, lifestyle, and self-care so that you can life your best #mumlife.