Mums' 3 Steps to Happyland

happy mummy

Starting your day with a baby can be a struggle at the best of times, so I know this simple ritual needs to be worth it for it to be considered let alone tried…

I encourage these Three simple steps due to the huge emotional rewards they offer, if you are familiar with the most famous coach in the world; Tony Robbins you will know he not only uses this technique he created but has coached presidents and world class athletes, so why would we need this as Mamas? Because it can make you feel so damn good instantly – and lets face it some days we need the strength of an athlete to survive.

Incorporating such habits as these can have a direct impact on the brain; increasing emotional intelligence and awareness, much needed tools when it comes to raising children, on the flip side low emotional intelligence can lead to frustration disappointment and eventually low moods.

We can never have enough emotional intelligence, So give this a try and start your day with 10 minutes for you…

1. Breathe

Deep slow belly breathing is very different from the shallow chest breathing we do for most of the day, take a deep breath now expanding the belly as you breathe in, notice how it may feel like hard work initially, perhaps even a little stuck in the upper chest? – A place we can carry anxiety. Simply slowing the heart rate immediately changes the bodies physiology calming you, and this is one very quick way to achieve this.

When should you do this?

Ideally as soon as you wake Move your body giving it a gentle shake then take a few steps around the room while taking deep breaths.

The approach is to inhale 4 times through your nose, and exhale 4 times through your mouth, as you make strong, purposeful strides


2. Be grateful

This exercise can make a huge difference in how you approach your day and ultimately live your life. This simple tool has such a profound effect on the brain shifting it from a state of fear to one of safety. So as a mother when anxiety is a common denominator day to day this useful tool can help reduce those future orientated anxious thoughts.

Think of three things you are grateful for, this could be anything from the sun shining, to the people who love you, or the health you have, consider some of the things you could be grateful for others may be praying for. Spend 5 minutes thinking of these three things and really connect with them until you feel it in the body.


3. Incantations – Say your mantra like you mean it.

What fears do you want to overcome? perhaps social anxiety or self doubt? what ever it is, repeat what you need while moving the body, if you can, taking strides around the room.

Although this is part of the morning ritual, I would also suggest you repeat this exercise once out on a walk pushing the buggy or wearing the sling, by moving whilst saying the words you slowly change your previous negative belief, harnessing the new positive thoughts within the body physically.

Use words that resonate with you and really feel them when you say them, just repeating wont have the desired effect so think about why you are choosing them and what you want to achieve, then repeat!

Say the words aloud, swing the arms and take purposeful strides

some suggestions….

I can do this

all I need is within me now

I am worthy of love and respect

This simple start to your day can help you build confidence changing how you feel about yourself and most importantly your baby. 

Let me know how you get on…. this stuff really works if you can commit to it.

Be gentle with yourself,


Jerilee Claydon